Our Vision & Values

Our Vision:

To raise pacesetters in every nation of the earth who will occupy their God-given position of dominion, and intimacy with God through the uncompromising teaching, preaching, and demonstration of the power of God.

Our Mission:

To reconcile people back to God, and establish them in a vibrant relationship with Him; raising them by the power of the gospel to reign in every aspect of life as Christ's pacesetters who lead others to God's way of love, righteousness, prosperity and dominion in life.

Our Purpose:

  • To turn sinners into saints through evangelism.
  • To turn saints into members through warm and loving fellowship.
  • To turn members into disciples through discipleship.
  • To turn disciples into ministers through training.
  • To turn every believer into true worshippers through worship and intimacy with God.

Our Core Values:

  • Dominion
  • Righteousness
  • Integrity
  • Love
  • Excellence

Our Pledge:

I am a person of dominion. I live in dominion.
Dominion over sin, sickness, diseases, oppression, poverty, and all the wickedness of the devil.
I am an outstanding success. I'm a role model, and a pacesetter.
I am born to win, and born to reign!

Our Slogan: Raising Pacesetters!

Our Watchword: Excellence with Integrity